Boost for wind project article

Please read the article carefully first.  Answer the questions below in complete sentences by re-stating the question in the form of an answer.

1.  Describe how a proposed wind farm off L.I.'s coast got a boost

2.  What could this wind project cost?

3.  How much energy would this wind project produce?

4.  When could this wind project be operational?

5.  Where would this wind project be located?

6.  Describe the # of wind turbines involved & their height.

7.  Who is Richard Kessel?

8.  According to Mr. Kessel, would you be able to see the wind turbines from the island?

9.  Describe the wind project that failed in 2007.

10.  On L.I., Long Island Power Authority (LIPA - our electric company) would take some of the cost of this project and pass it onto us, the customers.  Explain how.