Evolution of Coastal Erosion Control Technology article  -  part 1


On the website http://foresternetwork.com/daily/soil/erosion-control/the-evolution-of-coastal-erosion-control-technology-part-1


You are to answer the questions below on a seperate sheet of paper.  Use only the first page of this website for the questions below.  Write complete sentences - do no use the word "it"


1.  Using the first 3 paragraphs of the article, write 5 factual sentences about 'rising sea level'.

2.  A sand dune is a hill of sand built by either waves or wind.  When superstorm Sandy hit on the New Jersey coastline, author Bill Young states that dunes resulted in.......

3.  Why was author Ian McHarg unhappy with humans' land use practices?  Be very specific and complete.  Your answer requires 3 sentences.

4.  State 2 other purposes of dunes aside from defending against coastal flooding.

5.  According to Bill Young, how does the cost of dune creation compare to the cost of restoring and reconstructing communities in unprotected (no sand dunes present) areas?