E-Waste Article

Read the article first - slowly, carefully and completely.  Answer the questions below 1) on a separate piece of paper and 2) as P.O.Q. - Part of Question.  Example of P.O.Q. - What color is the grass?  (Your answer P.O.Q. style) The color of the grass is ....

1. List 4 examples of e-waste castoffs.

2. What types of toxins do these electronic gadgets have within them?

3. How can these electronics poison groundwater or pollute the air?

4. What do e-cyclers do?

5. How much of New York State's total household e-waste came from Nassau and Suffolk?

6. What are environmental advocates worried about?

7. How much of the national e-waste is thrown into a landfill and not e-cycled?

8. How many municipalities in N.Y.S. collect residential e-waste?

9. What is Matt Hale's point of view (director of EPA's Office of Solid Waste)?

10. Describe in 4 - 5 sentences what E-Scrap does with its e-waste.

11.What is the 2nd option for your e-cycled electronics?

12. How many states have enacted some type of electronic recycling law?

13. What does the area across the Atlantic Ocean, European Union, expect from its manufacturers?

14. What does N.Y.S. require of its cell phone companies?

15. What is the benefit of glass found in CRTs?

16. What can silica found in CRTs be used for?

17. Why is barium in the monitor dangerous?

18. Lead in CRTs is toxic to .....

19. Cadmium is found in the motherboard of the computer.  What can it cause?

20. How much plastic is found in computers?