Great Pacific Garbage Patch



Using the website


You are to answer the following questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper.  There are 3 more pages of the website located at the bottom of the 1st page.

1.  Define the noun gyre and the noun plankton.  Use the Internet.

2.  Why do fisherman and sailors rarely travel through this oceanic desert - the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre?

3.  State what this area contains.

4.  Describe the location of the Eastern Garbage Patch and the Western Garbage Patch.

5.  90% of the trash in the ocean is made of plastic.  State 3 facts about plastic.  Use this article.

6. State the problem with plastic in the ocean.

7.  How do the small bits of plastic particles (mermaid tears or nurdles), negatively affect marine life (examples of filter feeders are clams, sponges, flamingos).

8.  Describe 2 other negative effects of plastic & other debris on Earth.

9.  Most of this ocean trash comes from land.  List 2 ways to stem/stop the tide/wave of refuse (garbage).  Use another website or  your personal knowledge.

10.  Using the Internet, print a map of the Pacific Ocean with values for latitude and longitude.  Attach the map to this homework.  The Eastern Garbage Patch is located between 35 N and 42 N and 135 W and 155 W  .  You may have to refer to your ocean currents map in your ESRT for the coordinate lines.  Plot an  X on the map to locate this garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean.