Growing threat to L.I. waters - Nitrogen  article


Read the article first - slowly and carefully.  Please answer your questions in COMPLETE sentences for questions 1-4, 7-9 and no sentences for 5 &6 on a separate piece of paper.


1.  Using the Internet,, write 3 detailed sentences to describe each of the following:

        a) sewage treatment plant

        b) septic systems

2.  State the 4 sources of excess nitrogen, a pollutant, in Long Island waters.

3.  For the past 3 decades, nitrogen levels have been rising in Long Island aquifers.  How much has the nitrogen level

     increased between 1987 and 2005?

4.  How does nitrogen form?

5.  The nitrogen element _____________      _______________ and is necessary for human health and plant growth.

6.  When ingested (consumed) in high levels, it can deprive bodies of _______   ___   ________.

7.  Describe the effect of high levels of nitrogen in infants' formula preparation.

8.  Describe the effect of high levels of nitrogen in adults.

9.  Describe the type and number of waterways affected in the country.