Many recipes for lake formation article


Read the article first - slowly, carefully and completely.  Answer the questions below 1) on a separate piece of paper and 2) as P.O.Q. - Part of Question.  Example of P.O.Q. - What color is the grass?  (Your answer P.O.Q. style) The color of the grass is ....

1.  What differentiates a lake from a pond?

2.  What sources of water can feed a lake?

3.  Describe 2 ways that glaciers create lakes.

4.  Describe Oregon's Crater Lake: 4 characteristics.

5.  What do Lonar Lake and Ungava Lake have in common?

6.  In what country are more than half of the lakes on Earth?

7.  What type of soils are a better water barrier for a lake floor?

8.  List 2 factors that determine how much lake water remains in the basins.

9.  By what process do lakes lose most of its water?

10.  Using your Water Cycle and Climate notes, what part of the water cycle is a lake considered to be?