Ocean's briny and unfrozen article

Read the article first - slowly, carefully and completely.  Answer the questions below 1) on a separate piece of paper and 2) as P.O.Q. - Part of Question.  Example of P.O.Q. - What color is the grass?  (Your answer P.O.Q. style) The color of the grass is ....

1.  Why do oceans hold onto more heat than lakes?

2) Describe what keeps ice from forming?

3)  What does salt dissolved in water do?

4) If ocean temperatures can drop below the freezing point of fresh water then shy doesn't the ocean freeze?

5)  How do sodium & chloride atoms make it harder for water molecules to form ice?

6)  At what ocean temperature will ice form around Antarctica?

7)  Which of Jupiter's moons do planetary scientists believe have oceans?

8)  Using the internet, name the body of water...

            a) located between the state of Connecticut and Long Island

            b) south of Jones Beach, Long Beach and Far Rockaway

            c) definition for "briny"