Rejoicing at beach restoration article's questions


Read the article first: carefully and slowly.  On a separate sheet of paper, answer the questions below.

1.  In looking at the map of Long Island, in what compass direction are these beaches found?

2.  In looking at the map of L.I., name the 2 counties on Long Island.

3.  Describe, in detail, what the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will do.

4.  What does this additional sand along the shores of Point Lookout do to future storms?

5.  How much will this cost?

6.  List 2 things that a 12 foot deep channel will allow for.

7.  Define the verb 'to dredge'. (Use a dictionary)

8.  How often should dredging occur in this area?

9.  1995 was the last time the inlet was dredged.  Why do you think dredging does not occur more frequently?

10.  Name 1 other beach west of Point Lookout that is also eroding to the movement of waves. (Research the answer)