Town of Hempstead's S.T.O.P. program

Read each side of the placard (card).

Write the question but answer with a FEW WORDS.


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1.  What does S.T.O.P. stand for ?

2.  Describe the opportunity that the Town of Hempstead's S.T.O.P.

     program provides for the residents.

3.  State the 3 guidelines that should be followed when bringing items to a

     S.T.O.P. location.

4.  The date of this homework is Tuesday 3/1 and Wednesday 3/2.  State

         the date, time and location for the first S.T.O.P. site.

5.  If I live in ______________, I can go to the closest S.T.O.P. location of

    _______________ to return my non-landfill items on __________ date.  Use

     Google maps.


        a) Lynbrook:   go to  _________ on  __________ date.

        b) Elmont:  go to  _________ on _________  date.


6.  Provide a list of 3 things in YOUR home that should not be placed in your garbage

         can and SHOULD go to a S.T.O.P. location.