Dry Ice Article Questions

Read the article first - slowly, carefully and completely.  Answer the questions below 1) on a separate piece of paper and 2) as P.O.Q. - Part of Question.  Example of P.O.Q. - What color is the grass?  (Your answer P.O.Q. style) The color of the grass is ....


1.  What question did Deidre Hocevar ask?

2.  What is dry ice?

3.  Other than a gas, what other states (phases) of matter can carbon dioxide exist as?

4.  Describe dry ice's peculiar behavior.  What do we call this process?

5.  What is the temperature of dry ice?

6.  What does it take to turn carbon dioxide (a gas) into a liquid?

7.  List 2 objects/places that contain liquid carbon dioxide.

8.  Describe in 4 sentences how dry ice is manufactured.

9.  What is CO2 ice used for?

10.  How does one handle dry ice?