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  Hats off to VJ - Thanks for 13 WNBA years!!                                       VJ's #1 fan honoring her at MSG - June 19th 2009



                Need Sherwood Say More?                                                       A musical genius !       His tunes are enduring.



Fluffy - my independent, curious, vocal feline with an attitude!         Oreo - not friendly nor pretty but a little warrior!

                R.I.P.       9.18.09                                                                            R.I.P.          7.16.14



               Exfoliation of a rock outcrop                                            New Orleans Flooding - Post Hurricane Katrina





             Polaris - North Star                                                           Old Man in the Mountain, Franconia Notch N.H.,

                                                                                                             before and after weathering and erosion.



                Map of northeast U.S.                              Tropical Storm Sandy hits Sherwood's home - Long Beach





  Differential Weathering of rocks = a waterfall in Ohio