Evolution of Coastal Erosion Control Technology article  -  part 2


On the website http://foresternetwork.com/daily/soil/erosion-control/the-evolution-of-coastal-erosion-control-technology-part-2


You are to answer the questions below on a seperate sheet of paper.  Use only the second page of this website for the questions below.  Write complete sentences - do no use the word "it"


6.  How do artificial reefs, the rainforests of the sea, have a positive effect on shorelines?

7.  State Winston Churchill's first line of defense during WWII in the creation of an artificial reef.

8.  Describe the construction and placement of marine mattresses.  (2 sentences).

9.  Provide a picture of a marine mattress.  Staple to this homework.

10.  Since rocky bluffs do erode, how can rocky bluffs be restored?