Flushable Wipes article

Read the article completely.  On a separate sheet of paper, answer the questions in COMPLETE sentences.


1.  Where are the flushable wipes a problem?

2.  How has the amount of debris, most of it being flushable wipes, removed from the screens of waste water treatment plants

     changed since 2008?

3.  How are sanitary wipes different from toilet paper?

4.  How much has the problem cost the city in the last 5 years?

5.  Why are old pipes in the city especially prone to these problems?

6.  Describe what the City Council introduced in February of this year.  Answer thoroughly.

7.  As of November 2015, is the Federal Trade Commission involved in this issue?

8.  Why won't the regulation of one product like flushable wipes not reduce the debris burden according to David Rousse ?

9.  List 3 items that are a part of this other 90+% burden.

10.  How could flushable wipes be a problem for our own Nassau County's waste water treatment plants?