Fueling Frustrated article

You are to read the article carefully from beginning to the end.  Answer all questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper by re-writing the question in the form of an answer or writing the question with the answer.

1.  What happened to the only barge that serves the Sprague Energy terminal?

2.  When did this occur? (think about today's date then look carefully at the date of the newspaper article and find the clue in the actual article)

3.  When will the Kristin Poling barge resume deliveries?

4.  What do the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers need to do every 2 years? (answer completely)

5.  What geologic process is causing the need for dredging in the East Rockaway inlet? (answer not found in article)

6.  Give 2 possible causes (only one in the article) for this additional sand in the inlet.

7.  What does Rick Carment believe the Army Corps of Engineers should do? (answer completely)

8.  How much does it cost roughly to dredge the inlet?

9.  Why aren't trucks a viable option?

10.  Why can't Elmont or Valley Stream homeowners use Suffolk suppliers for home heating oil?