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Title of Article or website                                          Questions


E- Waste article    page 1   page 2  page 3   page 4                                E-Waste questions

Earth Lingo   page 1    page 2                                                                      Earth Lingo questions

Ease Water Worries article                                                                       Water Worries Questions

Terrors in Space article                                                                            Terrors in Space questions

Taking measure of Mt Everest article

Many recipes for lakes article                                                                    Many recipes questions

Diamond's shiny past is pure carbon article                                                 Diamond questions

Prices in the dumper article                                                                        Prices questions

Story of Dry Ice article                                                                            Dry Ice questions

Fueling Frustrated article  page 1   page 2                                                  Fueling Frustrated questions

Naming Hurricanes  article                                                                        Naming Hurricanes questions

Solar Shingles article page 1   page 2                                                         Solar Shingles questions

Air Force waves off warning on GPS article                                                Air Force Questions

Filtered Storm Water      map   article                                                        Filtered Storm Water questions   

Chambers of Molten Rock Found article                                                      Chambers of Molten Rock questions

Rejoicing at beach restoration   map  article                                                Rejoicing questions

A Rift Over the Reef    map   article                                                           A Rift questions

Long Island Aquifers article                                                                       Aquifer questions

Hurricane & Tornado Project                                                                      Page 1  Page 2     Page 3   Page 4  Page 5   Page 6   Page 7

They keep running river    article    map                                                     They keep river running questions

Sun, rivers flavor the oceans article                                                            Sun, rivers flavor oceans questions

Stay on guard - rip currents article   page 1   page 2                                    Stay on guard questions

Rotating north stars article

Boost for wind project article                                                                    Boost for wind project questions

Harvesting Energy article    page 1   page 2                                                Harvesting questions

Hurricane Preparation article   page 1   page 2   page 3

Ocean's briny and unfrozen article                                                            Ocean's questions

Tale of 2 Quakes article                                                                          Tale of 2 Quakes questions

Blue sky is just scattered sunlight article                                                    Blue sky questions

Putting the freeze on refrigerator chemicals article                                    Putting the freeze questions

Long Island's Pesticide Problem article                                                    Long Island's Pesticide questions

Under Water in 70 Years  article                                                             Under Water questions

Hurricane  Don't tape windows article                                                        Write 5 facts on loose leaf paper.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch article and questions

When sun goes, it won't go with 'boom'  article                                         Sun goes questions

Recycling declines article                                                                       Recycling declines questions

Life in the sea article                                                                            Life in the sea questions

Tracing the planet's wobble article                                                           Tracing the planet's wobble questions

No category for 'planet' yet article                                                           No category for 'planet' questions

Spectroscopy questions                                                                          Answers

Old Man In Mountain                                                                             Questions

Grumman to be sued over toxic water article                                            Questions

Mapping out your place place on Earth article   

Growing threat to L.I.'s waters   article                                                    Growing Threat questions   part 1    part 2 

Coastal Erosion article                                                                           Part 1       Part 2 

Global warming will boost extinctions  article                                            Global warming questions    

Halloween's asteroid  questions 

Flushable Wipes article                                                                            Flushable Wipes questions   

Google: Doubling Goal    article                                                                Read and write 5 factual sentences   

S.T.O.P. program article side 1  side 2                                                        S.T.O.P. questions 

Eruption of Alaska Volcano article                                                              Eruption questions