Life in the sea questions


On a seperate sheet of paper, answer the questions in complete sentences.  Be sure to read the article first.


1. Using the Internet, define the word paroxysm.

2.  Did the Permian extinction occur before (earlier than) or after (later than) the Cretaceous extinction?  You may use your ESRT.

3.  Describe the Great Dying.

4.  State 3 of the hypotheses for the Permian extinction.

5.  Scientists from Stanford & University of California adopted a cellular approach to the killing mechanism.  What did they study?

6.  Animals with skeletons or shells made of _______  ________ or _________ are more likely to die than those with skeletons of  _____ substances.

7.  Describe the 4 factors that caused the animals to die.

8.  Provide 3 examples of sea life that became extinct.

9.  Describe what the scientists believe occurred to create this carbon cycle perturbation.

10.  Describe what today's high carbon-based gases in atmosphere are doing to the ocean.