Putting the freeze on refrigerator chemicals article


Read the article first - slowly, carefully and completely.  Answer the questions below 1) on a separate piece of paper and 2) as P.O.Q. - Part of Question.  Example of P.O.Q. - What color is the grass?  (Your answer P.O.Q. style) The color of the grass is ....

1.  What do policymakers & business leaders want to curb as a way that nations can shrink their carbon footprints?

2.  Describe the pre-1996 fridge.

3.  Describe the subsequent model of a refrigerator.

4.  Why are CFC's dangerous to our planet?

5.  Why are HFC's dangerous to our planet?

6.  Why is a hydrocarbon refrigerant better?

7.  What is the date of this article?

8.  When may Americans start buying this new hydrocarbon refrigerator?

9.  Why would people in the U.S. still be suspicious of this new refrigerator?

10.  Given the poor economy, why would Americans not purchase this hydrocarbon refrigerator?