Recycling declines article's questions


Read the article first.  Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper in complete sentences.


1.  State what has happened to recycling rates on L.I. in the past decade.

2.  In 1998, _____ % of solid waste was recycled.  In 2009, ____ % of solid waste was recycled.

3.  Using a dictionary, define the word passẻ. 

4.  State 3 reasons for a decline in the recycling rates according to researchers.

5.  There have been changes in the recyclable waste.  What do the curbside bins contain less of?

6.  How have the Internet, electronic e-readers, and I Pads negatively affected recycling rates of newspapers and

         magazines? (This answer is not in the article - please think about the question)

7.  What are the containers composed of that are in the curbside bins?

8 - 10.  Using the Internet, access the sanitation department of the Town of Hempstead.  Complete the following

               chart using the 'recycling information' from website:

      Material                        2 rinsed examples without caps           2 items not recycled





Extra Credit - 10 pts.

  11.  How would you properly dispose of batteries, paint cans or fluorescent light bulbs?