Spectroscopy Worksheet - Answers

Be sure that your notes for this homework have similar answers to what is typed below.


1.  The sky is blue...

            *Sun's rays enter E's atmosphere

            *Light is scattered  (diffraction)

            *Longer waves of light (red, orange, yellow - ESRT) move straight through

            *Shorter waves of light (blue) get absorbed by gas molecules (Hence sky appears blue in color)


2.  How does a magnifying glass work?

        *made of glass

        *1 side is like a bubble (convex)

        *other side is shaped inward like a "dent" (concave)

        *As light enters glass, the shape of glass bends the light (refraction)

        *Image appears larger


3.  What can astronomers learn about stars from their spectra (spectroscopy)?


                    ** a star's chemical composition and temperature


4.  How is a dark line spectra produced?


    *light passes through cold gas

    *photons of lower, less excited atomic states in the gas jump up to higher lying energy levels producing a dark line spectrum


5.  How does the width of the visible spectrum compare to that of the entire electromagnetic spectrum?


                    **the width of the visible spectrum is the smallest compared to the other forms of the electromagnetic spectrum