Test Taking Tips


1.  Come to all exams with a pencil (including an eraser), a calculator, your ESRT's and a pen.


2.  Always start with the short answer first then complete the multiple choice questions.


3.  Read all directions to each question first.


4.  Underline key phrases in the directions and the question.


5.  Write any key words/phrases/equations next to the question that will help you to answer

     that question.


6.  Eliminate any choices that do not make sense when completing multiple choice questions -

     (It is called the PROCESS OF ELIMINATION).


7.  Use your E.S.R.T.'s as much as possible - remember the saying: When in doubt, check it



8.  If you get stuck on a question then place a question mark next to the question and go on. 

    If you linger on a hard question then your self-confidence goes down.  Return to the

    question when you are done with the rest of the exam.