When sun goes, it won't go 'boom' questions

Be sure that you have read the article first.  On a separate sheet of paper, answer the questions in complete sentences.


1.  In two words, describe the space that surrounds the stars, planets, gas clouds and stray atoms.

2.  Light is not bothered by this empty vacuum.  Describe photons found in starlight/sunlight (2


3.  State the 3 types of materials sound waves travel through.

4.  What is this material or matter doing for us to hear a sound?

5.  State what happens to your ceiling when an upstairs neighbor clomps across the floor.

6.  What happens to the air molecules for a wave of molecules to pass into your ear?

7.  If your were floating in a space suit near a passing rocket, would you be able to hear its engines?

8.  Why?

9.  Our sun will last for another 5 billion years before it swells into a red giant.  Using your ESRT, state the name of the

     star group that our sun belongs to.

10.  Using your ESRT, compare the luminosity of the giants star group to that of the white dwarf star group (1 sentence).